Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Been a While.. Ok.. a VERY Long While

Hi everyone out there! I don't know how many people are still checking this blog, but just wanted to say I'm still here. Haha.. I just looked back to see that my last post was in October.. wow... That's been forever! I apologize for not updating.. When I started this blog, one of my goals was to keep the site updated! But as you can see, that didn't work out exactly as I had expected... I blame school work for this! I have been keeping up with series and the latest one I am addicted to is Rosy Business! It find it very thrilling and I especially like that Wayne Lau and Sheren Tang are the leads. Finally, Wayne is being given a chance to star as the lead! And I've loved Sheren since War and Beauty and she definitely is not disappointing in this series! Anyway, I hope to write a full review of this series eventually, but it will probably have to wait until the summer, when I'm a bit more free. I hope there's still people reading this haha Until next time!

Best Regards,