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More Moonlight Resonance News

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Moonlight Resonance Producer denies bumping Raymond Lam up for TV King

HOG/MR producers speak about the production process of Moonlight Resonances, they two different series

Last year, "Heart of Greed" triggered the "HOG Fever", the audiences were excitingly chasing to see the scenes with Dai Kai and Sai Kai - Lee Si Kei (LSK) and Susanna Kwan, first and second wife battling against each other. The golden lines includes: "Who is a human, Who is the ghost, I can see it with my eyes." and "We are not in the court room, evidence is not needed. My eyes are the evidence!". TVB then hurried to film "Moonlight Resonance", this time won't be using abalone, but instead cakes (moon cakes). The roles are also all switched around, LSK continues to play the miserable first wife, in the last series the sweet young sister Michelle Yim turns into a villain, fighting for "flowery heart" (player) husband Ha Yu. As for Susanna Kwan, this time she plays LSK's sister who is snobby, direct and mean younger sister, also collaborates with Michelle to snatch LSK's old bakery, leaving her in a dilemma both back and front, can't help but excitingly say the golden line "Humans do, Heaven watches" to fight back! The younger generation gets very complicated, Raymond Lam rumored to be the future TV King from this series, where he plays LSK's second oldest son, taking Moses Chan's place as the loyal and caring for family son - "Manage Family Boy" (Goon Ka Jai). For relationships, Raymond and Moses will both be in a triangle relationship. Raymond, Linda Chung and Bosco Wong; Moses, Kate Tsui and Tavia Yeung. Tonight's family crisis premieres again!

Undertaking the last series of breaking TV ratings record of 48 points and was the most focused on at the TVB Anniversary, audience members look forward to this sequel. The production crew of "Moonlight Resonance" (MR) faces invisible pressures, the producer Lau Ka Ho and editor Cheung Wah Bui leads the production of MR.

MR and HOG have two different relationships and stories

Producer Lau Ka Ho emphasizes that "Moonlight Resonances" is not the sequel to "Heart of Greed", the correct regard should be Sister Productions because the relationships and stories are not the same. He frankly said: "'Heart' is actually too powerful, when we needed the whole cast to film a new series, there was definitely a challenge. There were two phrases that constantly reminded us: "Needs to be similar to 'Heart", but cannot be too similar to 'Heart'". The meaning is that the relationships and stories aren't the same, but needs to maintain what the audience liked to watch. This time, the completion of "Moonlight" is a collaborative success, a group of artistes, directors and scriptwriters sacrificed a lot of hard work, I need to Thank them."

Coming up with the Golden Lines, needed to find "Old People Words"

Cheung Wah Biu said: "We hope that "Moonlight" will give audience a moved feeling, actually behind the scenes production crew said that there are many touching stories, everyone worked hard. Following "Heart", scriptwriters were youngsters of 20 or more years of age, they are totally aggressive, where they constantly go home and ask their parents, grandfather what kinds of "old people words" they use. The purpose is to write a good story for families to watch. This time, the series is specially a collective creation, during the meetings each person give their opinion as they put the script together, many difficulties arise." Audience members are also very curious on what Golden Lines that will be used in this series, he said: "In Moonlight, the 'old people's words' were used a lot more than the last series, but as to which ones are the Golden Lines, that will need to be decided by the audience!" Lau Ka Ho added: "Our biggest purpose is that we hope fans would be just as impressed as with "Heart" and will not get disappointed. (A perspective that cannot be defeated?)Absolutely nothing to do with pride (face), being in the television circle for so many years, I understand that its not this is not the matter, the most important thing is to hear audience say that they can't wait to watch "Heart" with its original cast members, don't want to disappoint them."

Michelle Yim's performance of a Villain is very natural

After the collaboration of "Heart", there is a better grasp of the actors' characters. Lau Ka Ho said: "LSK is the pontoon type, others get frustrated, she remains low volumed, everyone then calms down; Susanna Kwan has good speaking skills, all the argument dialogues, is not a challenge for her, she spends a lot of time to get familiar with the script; Ha Yu has a sense of humor; Raymond Lam's last love relationship ended, this time we continued Raymond and Linda's fate, also made him a moon cake boy, a strong contrast to "Heart"; Michelle Yim decided to play the villain, her performance was very natural."

Producer denies bumping Raymond for TV King

"Moonlight" and "Heart" biggest difference is that one ends with a broken family, this one a broken family reunites and ends happily on Moon Festival. When the series started filming, there were negative rumors circulating, stating that this series was to bump Raymond up for TV King, Moses screen time would decrease and won't have a happy ending? Lau Ka Ho had no breathe and said: "Really gonna kill me, the production crew never did thought about this, we arranged Raymond to be "Manage Family Boy" and LSK wanted this series to have a fresh feeling, also we already prepared ahead of time that this will be a happy ending, the rumors are false. But having discussions isn't a bad thing, at least it will be spoken about till the Anniversary!"

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